The Zebrin Foundation champions vibrant health and wellness as the highest goal of healthcare. We foster therapeutic practices that treat the body and mind as a self-healing system.

Holistic disciplines have vast potential to promote vibrant health and well-being. They open the possibility that our healthcare system could focus on achieving greater health as well as treating illness.

In pursuit of a more expansive model of healthcare, the Zebrin Foundation sponsors research and training in effective holistic therapies. We are particularly interested in supporting holistic practitioners who are advancing innovative treatments within their clinical practices. Many creative, pathbreaking treatments are unknown to the wider healthcare community, and are ripe to be documented and shared. Zebrin supports practitioners to gather data and conduct research on their treatments and to share their clinical knowledge with others.

The kind of holistic practices we envision as the subject of our data collection, research, and training could include naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, energy kinesiology and chiropractic.